Improving the prototype

Based on the feed back from stakeholders and basic user testing completed in New York city and Bogotá. The user experience and User Interface were adjusted and functions such as the list of recent places removed. Figure 11: Improved prototype to define app functionality

Fig. 11 This figure shows how two of the three main features of the app are presented to the user:

  1. Show the safest path for users to go from a determinate location to a desired point. Users are able to type in their destination and will receive visual feedback with the safest path marked on the map.
  2. Show the user the SHA if desired while the user is navigating the field. Providing an audible signal when the user is going out of path or getting closer to dangerous zones. This information could be added to the map as an extra layer under the name Reported Hazardous Area.
  3. Record and compare the user movements to establish safe paths based on users information. This feature is happening in the background of the app and will not be visible to users.