Colombia VS the World and the Ottawa convention.

Colombia is the second country in the world in reported mines casualties, just behind Afghanistan (Landmine Monitor 2014).The FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) are the main cause of pollution by landmines in Colombia, the confrontation that this armed group outside law has had with the Colombian state for more than 50 years, has left behind thousands of landmines scattered throughout the country.

The aim of Humanitarian Demining in Colombia is to eliminate the dangers of APM, UXO and IEDs in order to restore land to the community for use. The Humanitarian Demining Battalion "Battalion No. 60 Colonel Gabino Gutiérrez" National Army is doing the work for Humanitarian Demining in the country since 2005, when the demining of 35 military bases started in compliance with the obligations undertaken by the Colombian State as a party to the Ottawa Convention. From 2007, the Battalion began conducting humanitarian demining in communities affected by landmines in different areas of the country.