Future plans

Questions such as: Will the users of rural zones have access to smart phones in the near future? How accurate might mobile phones GPS systems can be? Will I ever receive the information of Non technical Survey from the DAICMA? Remain still open from this research. Those questions need to be solved and the prototype need to be tested in the landmine testing field by real users. Another important question to be solved in the future. That is unfortunately out of the scope of this research is: Will the government and the guerrilla groups sign the peace agreement to finally put an end to this endless war? if yes, when will the guerrilla provide accurate information from landmine fileds to contribute to the demining process.

And finally continuing with the questions, will I have enough commitment and funding to keep the research? These questions can provide clear clues of the next steps for the project. By answering them I will be able to determine the course and the following steps for the project.

One possibility that I contemplate in order to continue uninterrupted research is applied to a PHD program where the costs of tuition and stipend some are covered to help me get to concentrate fully in the investigation. I would like to delve much more in fields such as computer vision and User studies for data visualization.