Communities: Who is going to be benefited by this research?

Inhabitants of rural zones in Colombia are generally humble people, with low education level and low-income level; the particular observation for this research was made in Vista Hermosa, Meta.

Vista Hermosa is a town located two hours away from Villavicencio, the capital of the Meta Department; its population is 21.194 Inhabitans (DANE 2005). This municipality has been affected by violence in various ways and its people have been direct victims of this scourge.6 As proof of this is seen to reach around the village that are totally militarized and an atmosphere of anxiety permeates the air.

Adriana Rodriguez, no older than 25 and single mother of two children was displaced from her plot in a nearby village with her children in her arms. Adriana tells how the guerrillas in retaliation for the actions of the paramilitaries, forced his family and 20 more families to flee their village leaving behind everything they owned.

Many of the people who fled to the cities trying saved their lives and those of their families, will never return because they found that the city besides them away from that conflict so much damage caused to them, can offer better living conditions. Nevertheless for those who still dream of return and rebuild what they left behind, there are still many questions and challenges ahead and APM and UXO are certainly one of them.